Zillow Walk-Through Videos

As a Zillow Certified Photographer, I am able to record the Zillow Walk-Through videos and upload them to your listing.


Why would you want to do this?


Zillow has 2/3 of the online Real Estate marketshare. That is HUGE. When you do a Zillow Walk-Through video, you will move your listings to the top of the listing search. Now that is powerful.


I firmly believe that it will not be long until buyers expect to see a video or a 3D Tour of a home, just like they expect to see photos. Zillow thinks so, too.


This is an inexpensive way to get your listings seen by more people.


Can't I do this myself?


Yes, you can. But it is not easy to do and get good results. We take the basic camera phone and beef it up by adding an external wide-angle lens. Then we take that phone and mount it to a high-end gimbal stabilizer which smoothes the footage. It is not bouncy, or prone to give you motion sickness like some of these videos! Our agents who were doing it themselves are thanking us profusely! We do it inexpensively when we are already there to do photos.


Will you do just the video for me?


Check out the Zillow Booster Special which can be done as a stand alone service... even if you already have professional photos done. 

 I wish the video were better quality for my great listing.


We agree. These walk-throughs are limited to the quality of the camera in a smartphone. While decent, it is not great. But we have a solution! We can now shoot our Cinematic Video and use it in place of the Zillow Walk-Through video. Zillow only allows this with Select Photographers like me. You get a great video that you can see anywhere (social media, vimeo, youtube, MLS, realtor.com, etc) and still get the added oomph on Zillow.


Samples: Here are a couple screengrab videos of the Zillow Walk-Throughs. They are far from perfect and have light glares and white balance issues, but that is something you can't control with their app on your phone.