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Quick Walk-Thru Videos

This used to be called the Zillow Walk-Thru Video but Zillow changed the way they do things.

These are still filmed on a high-end phone using stabilizing equipment, but they are now uploaded to YouTube and you are sent a link. That line is used in the MLS under your VIDEO setting.

The GOOD thing is you can use these a lot of other places... social media, the MLS, send a link through email...

The BAD thing is I cannot put it on your Zillow listing for you. It is a link sent to your email that you will have to add to your MLS listing. 

These are still a GREAT and inexpensive way to show your house. Check our competitors to see what they charge for this.

If you want to take it up a notch, check out our SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO or our CINEMATIC VIDEO.


Samples: Here are a couple screengrab videos of the Quick Walk-Thrus. They are far from perfect and have light glares and white balance issues, but they are quick and inexpensive. 

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