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Prepare For the Shoot

Some quick and easy things to do to make your home ready BEFORE the shoot.

There is no time for moving things in the house DURING the shoot. If things are in the house that you do not want in the photo, it is best to put the items in a closet, the garage, the attic, under a bed, etc. When the photographer arrives, he will begin shooting right away.

1. No cars in driveway or in front of the house BEFORE the shoot starts. The first shots taken are the front of the house before even approaching the house. 

2. Declutter. Less is better. Especially table tops, countertops, and floors.

3. Clean off the Refrigerator.

4. Lights on.

5. Ceiling Fans off. 

6. Bathrooms: remove anything on counter. Only nice towels on bars. Remove shampoo bottles and soap from shower. Toilet lids down. Hair Dryer away. 

7. Hide kids toys as much as possible.

8. No dogs in the house. Any other pet could end up in the photo (cats, pets in tanks, etc). Remove them if possible. 

9. Hide pet toys, feeding bowls, cat trees, etc.

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