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Aerial Photos & Video

Getting aerial views of your listing is all the rage. And there is good reason for it. It allows you a birds eye view of the property that you would not otherwise get. It really lets you see the lay of the land. It shows off the beautiful views that you will have. It allows the entire property to be seen in one shot.


The aerial video is such a dramatic beginning and/or end to any video. It is perfect for introducing the listing or as a stand-alone video.


I am an FAA-LICENSED Remote Pilot for Unmanned Aerial Systems. 


Aerial Video

Demo Reel

Just some samples of aerial video we have used in our videos.

Aerial Video

of a Lot Example

Sometimes lots don't get enough love! But I have done videos of lots that really showcase how nice they and where they are located. Beachfront, Lakefront, or just off the Marsh...

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