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Commercial Work

Commercial photography work is another facet of Architectural and Real Estate Photography. This could be the sale of large tracts of land, apartment complexes, strip malls, or businesses.


It could also be marketing photos for businesses. I have photographed the insides of restaurants for clients, as well as the insides of hospitals and laboratories. Apartment complexes and Student Housing buildings has been a specialty among commercial real estate clients.


Pricing for this kind of work is estimated on a per project basis. Contact us to get the ball rolling.


Architects, Builders, Interior Designers

We often photograph interiors and exteriors for other professionals that deal with spaces. This is mostly for the portfolio of these professionals so they can show their work. We love photographing these spaces as they are so beautiful.


Interior Designers are a specialty. We work with interior designers to get just the right shots for their portfolio. We usually walk the space with the designer and discuss the photos they would like. We do some test shots that they can immediately see on an iPad. Then they can go in and tweak things in the image they would like to change. They will change out a pillow or chair and primp and polish until they are content. We will keep shooting until we get what

they want. And they can see that on the iPad. This has been very successful.


We have also shot photos for tile installers, flooring installers, cabinetry companies, lighting companies, plumbing fixtures companies, etc. We provide full licensing of high resolution images.

We even did installation photos for HGTV's Dream House.


Pricing for this work is done on either an hourly, half-day or day-rate basis.

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