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Zillow 3D Home 
Zillow Floor Plan

Zillow 3D Home is another Zillow product meant to enhance your Zillow listing. It captures 360 degree panos of your listing and displays them on Zillow. It shows up only on Zillow and only as long as the listing is live on Zillow.


Why would you want to do this?


Zillow has 2/3 of the online Real Estate marketshare. That is HUGE. When you do a Zillow 3D Home scan, you will move your listings to the top of the listing search. Now that is powerful.


I firmly believe that it will not be long until buyers expect to see a video or a 3D Tour of a home, just like they expect to see photos. Zillow thinks so, too.


This is an inexpensive way to get your listings seen by more people.


How is this different than iGUIDE (or Matterport)?


It is a lower budget version of iGUIDE. Both are better than Matterport in my opinion. The Pro is that it helps your Zillow listing. The Con is that it ONLY shows up on your Zillow listing and not the MLS. An iGUIDE added as a Virtual Tour on the MLS will show up on both, but not filter your Zillow listing higher. It is the call you need to make for your listing and your business.


Will you do just the Zillow 3D Home scan for me?


Yes, a Zillow 3D Home Scan or Home Scan + Floor Plan can be done for a listing without getting photos done. The iGUIDE can also be done this way. 


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