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The Precision Match Timer was born when I went looking for something that would give me an idea of how much time I had left. I HATED asking for time. You either get no answer or they only know when the last shot was taken. 


When I could not find anything, I made it. The Accelerometer in these watches gave me the idea of using movement to start it. Afterall, who doesn't have a rifle in one hand, a bag in another (sometimes multiple bags), maybe even a tripod... 


I started with just vibrations for alarms. Then some fellow shooters suggested the voice alarms. So I integrated that into it along with the 10 second countdown. The rest is history. I did have to battle Apple a bit to get it approved, but they finally did. 


It has been hugely popular and I thank everyone for that. 


CURRENTLY, there are no plans to bring it out for Android, Garmin or FitBit. I am always looking into it, but the costs have been astronomical to port it over to any of the other OSes, let alone all of them. I may eventually. 


Precision Match Timer app is copyrighted and patent pending. 

Precision Match Timer: Apple Watch App

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  • The App is only available through the Apple App Store. You can buy it on your phone and sync it to your watch, or purchase it on your watch's App Store. Just do a search for "precision match timer."


  • Apple Watch ONLY. 

    Yes, that is correct. You will need an Apple Watch (any version is still currently working, so a used one is fine). You will also need an iPhone to connect it to. That iPhone is used to connect to the App Store so you can buy the App. You CAN use the iPhone of a family member or someone close to you. Once the app is on the watch, it does not need the iPhone to function. BUT, that watch will have the Apple ID of the iPhone owner and could be used to purchase additional apps, etc.