iGUIDE Interactive Floor Plans


The iGUIDE Interactive Floor Plan system is some of the most amazing technology for marketing your real estate listing. It uses 360 degree virtual tours (like the Matterport, but way better!) and a laser system to measure the whole house and displays it all on a beautiful floor plan. It even does square footage and room measurements!


iGUIDE is a complete, immersive listing solution that offers sellers and users an incredible understanding and perception of the space.


See the examples, videos and information below. It is almost too much to explain!

360 Degree Views


We shoot 360 degree High Definition panoramas of every room. These panoramas are integrated with floor plans and allow you to pan around and look all the way up and down. You can even zoom in on a feature.


Interactive Floor Plans


The floor plans created are as-built plans for each floor. You can navigate to another room or another floor quickly and easily. You can tell exactly where you are on the floor plan at any time and which direction you are looking.

REAL Floor Plans, Too!


You can also download a PDF of the floor plans which can be printed, added to your MLS listings, and mailed or emailed to potential buyers. These floor plans have Room Dimensions and Square Footage calculated!


Think about how many times you get asked questions about room sizes, or if there is a floor plan available. And these are as-built floor plans... not blueprint plans. Builders love these, too, since it shows the actual house.

Take a Measurement.


Using the Ruler Tool, you can actually take measurements on the floor plan. Want to know how wide that fireplace is? It is just that simple.


A Compass for Direction.


A compass on the floor plan lets you know which way it faces, so you know where the sun will be at different times of the day.


Map of Nearby Places.


Your listing is plotted on amap that shows Nearby Schools, Restaurant, Grocery Stores, and Public Transportation.


Regular vs Premium


iGUIDE Premium includes floor plans with appliances, and fixtures. You also get the ability to view it with Virtual Reality Goggles.









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