The 365 Project in Review

In December 2010 I decided to try a 365 project. This would entail posting a new photograph every day of the 2011 year. I decided early on that “new” meant “taken within a day.” I knew up front that not every photo I published was going to be a work of art. I knew that many of them would be snapshots of things done that day. But I was hoping it would force me to go out and shoot more. If I had to post something, then I had to shoot.

Wesley Cross - November

I know I got some great shots doing this that I never would have gotten otherwise. I also know that I posted a good many photos that I never would have posted if I didn’t have to. They were photos that I didn’t feel were up to my level of photography. They were photos that I would never use for a client. Most of those were shot in a hurry or without the right equipment because I needed to get something up. I was probably cheating myself in doing so, but sometime my other work just got in the way. And when that other work is paying the bills, that’s what takes precedence.

Minnesota Frost - October

So I will analyze the photos I took and pick out some of the ones I thought were good. These will be the “Best of the Month” photos. There may be a couple second place winners in good months.

String of Lights: December

My wife Miranda was key to me even getting this done. There were quite a few times she would say to me at the end of a long day, “Did you post today?” Most times I had taken the photo and not processed it, or not uploaded it. So I would get on the computer again and do so. I even got out of bed a couple times when I woke up realizing I hadn’t posted that day.

Lake Reflection - September

So I believe that I did learn a lot from the experience. I learned that I need to carry a camera with me more often. This has been a problem of mine for a while. I have big DSLRs with multiple heavy lenses. For me to go take a photo is an ordeal that is undertaken, not something I do lightly.

Water Droplets on Leaf - August

I tried using a Canon G-12 to supplement this. It was pretty good for a point and shoot, but it really didn’t feel right to me and it just didn’t have the control I like to have in a camera. Even with RAW capabilities and full manual controls, it was not a DSLR and it turned into a large point and shoot camera. Actually, it was too large as it was too big to slip in a pocket. Only one of the 12 monthly favorites used the G-12, and that is because it was the only camera I had with me in Minnesota. I really missed my DSLR there.  With all these disappointments,  I sold it.

Grasshopper - July

My replacement for it was the new iPhone 4S this year. I did take a few photos with my older iPhone 3GS, but that camera was terrible. The new 4S camera is quite good, but still functions as a point and shoot. It has been interesting for me and saved me quite a few times, but it is still not my favorite camera to use.

The Millpond - June

I have also come to rely on and really enjoy the iPad. It allowed me to load, look at, edit and upload photos taken on my camera to this blog while I was out of town. It would be hard to imagine doing it without it.

Bloody Marsh Flowers - May

So, how many of my photos am I happy with? Well, that number is probably low. You would probably not have seen a lot of these shots if I wasn’t forced to put them up.

Tree-Lined Road - January

I am pretty picky and critical of my own work. Some of the shots were downright awful and I regret not having taken time out of the day to work on them more. But sometimes that was unavoidable due to other commitments. Being not only a photographer but a graphic designer, my work is not always about photos. And sometimes I would be shooting all day long, but it was for a magazine or other publication in which I couldn’t post anything about it until it was on newsstands. It was frustrating to shoot good shots all day and then have to shoot more for the 365.

Butterfly Weed Buds - April

So, I ask you to vote on the best photograph I took this year for my 365 Project. I have chosen what I think are the best photos for each month. Choose which of these you think is the best of the year. These are not necessarily the best photos I shot all year, but the best of the 365 photos I shot.

Cemetery Flowers - March

Thank you for following my posts. I really appreciate all the comments both here and on facebook. I will try to keep posting photos in 2012 as they get taken, but it will NOT be everyday again.

Marina Sunset - February



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4 Responses to The 365 Project in Review

  1. Betsy Knight says:

    I think my favorite is Lake Reflection but Tree-Lined Road is a close second :)

  2. Jen says:

    Tree lined Road, then Millpond.

  3. Mark says:

    What? No smallest church in the U.S.?

  4. Lucy Loehle says:

    I really like the grasshopper.

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