Golden Isles Magazine: The Sculptor

One of the photos I did for Golden Isles Magazine this past issue was of a local sculptor named Anthony Quickle. When I arrived at Anthony’s studio, we quickly figured out the best place to shoot him would be in his work area surrounded by the tools of his trade. I set up some lightstands and figured out my angles. I used one Speedlite in a Lumiquest SBIII to the camera right on a lightstand. I didn’t want to soften things too much and went for some punchy contrasty light. The second Speedlite was behind the subject on a Joby Gorillapod standing on a shelf. I let the light from the rimming light peek over his shoulder a little more on one side. It was very similar to some of his work lights there (which can be seen behind him), so I made it seem like it was one. I set both flashes off with the Phottix Odin system which I am very happy with.

I was very happy with the way we could use one of his pieces to be highlighted in front of his clothing. It became a part of him. A little dust and dirt (not hard in that area) and his tools made it all come together for a shot I was happy with.

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  1. Great photo Joe! Can I get a digital copy if this one for my advertising, FB, etc?

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