Golden Isles Magazine May June 2012

May is here, so a new issue of Golden Isles Magazine hits the shelves. This was a busy issue where a lot of photography fell to me. But I was also glad to give a big assignment to photographer Chris Viola and introduce a new photographer, Amanda Moncus who did a great job. Amanda is the wife of photographer Chris Moncus and the team do great work.

Last month, editor Amy Carter let me know that we would be going to Little St. Simons Island for a special assignment. Little St. Simons Island is a cool place. It is a rustic retreat which is only accessible by boat. The manager of the island is Joel Meyer. I have photographed him for a magazine in the past and gotten to know him well ever since. He even asked me to go out to the island to give the naturalists there some tips and pointers on taking better photos of their guests.

This special assignment was to photograph the owners of Little St. Simons Island. Wendy and Hank Paulson are passionate people who love nature. Mr. Paulson is also the former Secretary of the Treasury.

We took a motorized boat from Hampton Marina a half hour or so after the Paulsons left in their kayaks. We barely beat them there. I was able to grab some shots of them paddling through the marsh and pulling up to the dock. Photographer Chris Viola was kind enough to assist me on the shoot and hold lights and reflectors.

They love looking for birds and other animals including reptiles likes alligators and snakes. They always have their binoculars handy. I was able to get them to pose for a cover shot for a few minutes. They liked my idea of a rustic American Gothic inspired image which I had thought of that morning on the way to the marina. So far everyone is liking it.

Of course, after all the photo shoots for this issue (and I’ll go over the other ones in subsequent blog posts) there was still the production to do. I do the magazine design and layout as well, so I was pretty busy. Grab a copy when you see it and give it a read. The articles and columns are all worth reading. As a visual person, I think the design and photography of the magazine are very important, but you also have to have content. Editor Amy Carter and her fellow writers always do a great job in that category!

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