365: Confederate Jasmine

We had planted some Confederate Jasmine in the backyard near the fence in order to add some more green there. Plus, the flowers in the spring smell great. But, we didn’t want it growing on the fence, as it is wont to do, in case there were ever problems with the fence. So, we decided to build a trellis for them to grow on. We decided to try using bamboo so it would look somewhat natural. After sourcing some bamboo (read: finding where it had been growing in a vacant lot and had been hacked down by someone else) wegot to building this trellis. We did it in a couple days just because it has been so hot out. We lashed everything together with sissal twine and then added extra twine between the poles for the vines to grab. It is held off the fence by a foot or so. We then encouraged the jasmine to grow into the trellis by snaking some of its branches into it. Then a little new mulch and we are good to go. My guess is that it will be over the top by this time next year.

ISO 400, 1/200 sec @ f/4 on 24-105L IS at 24mm

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6 Responses to 365: Confederate Jasmine

  1. Betsy Knight says:

    Looks good!

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  3. Krysti says:

    The trellis looks great! Did you use sealer on the bamboo? How is the bamboo holding up outside to the elements?

  4. RosieW says:

    I love the look of the lashed bamboo. Question whether the twine used will hold up though. The twine like that I’ve used here rots within less than a year.

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  6. Genevieve Cano says:

    Can you explain more about the brackets you used to attach it to the fence?

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